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Hip Hop News Source a Hip Hop culture, news and media site presents; “Old School Jams And Cuts Hour”, a music show that plays R&B, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop hits from the 1980's The show is streamed through the radio on the App and website, Monday-Friday 12-1PM PST. Due to the show's quick growth and demand, there is and extended hour from 1-2PM PST. With a focus on the often looked over JET Magazines Top 20 Singles Chart, the show stands out playing the best of Urban music from the era, not just the era's crossover hits. The show is produced by Tyrone “The Working Class Hero”, who Dj's each episode and shares the hosting duties, with Fiddy Fresh and Anji D, the resident rotating hosts. The format of the show is simple; intro, drops and outro, not much dialogue, keeping the commercial free hour of music about the music, not the hosts. Please get the App to hear the show and join the mailing list for live shows and future tours. For more info on the show please download the show bio.

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Tyrone "The Working Class Hero"..
Producer, DJ, Host

Tyrone is an artist, producer and cinematographer. He releases his own music, remixes for other artists and is the cinematographer for his brand, Tyrone. In addition to his skills in the studio, he Djs and produced the "Old School Jams And Cuts Hour" radio show, spotlighting the music he grew up on and that inspired him to create.